The Write-O-Rama is a full-day smorgsbord of 1-hour workshops run as fundraiser for the Richard Hugo House. I arrived early. You never know about traffic and ferries coming from the Olympic Peninsula. Whenever I’m confident I’ll make a specific ferry that’s when I end up behind a caravan of RVs driven by near-sighted 80-year old sightseers. There’s a great group of volunteers at the Richard Hugo but couldn’t help but notice they were all female ranging from young teen to Baby Boomer but mostly 20’s & 30’s under the auspices of Chris & Kate. Registration went smoothly and people kept poring in.

For your minimum $45US donation, food is included. Vast quantities of food.  Lots of Costco food for breakfast which meant muffins the size of melons. If you ever get a chance to participate in a Write-O-Rama, it’s well worth it. If this is any example of their regular writer’s workshops, they are worth every penny and I signing up as soon as my husband gets a new job. They’re a writing non-profit that gives a lot back to the creative community.

I’d worn  jeans and boutique designer, black-brown,  sweater with a black coat. I should have worn the black, urban hiking boots. Black is still the new black in Seattle, apparently. There were lots of NaNoWriMo alumni in attendance. NaNoWriMo was a more popular topic than local real estate or the economic meltdown. I’m amazed that there are writers who still Don‘t know about NaNoWriMo.

My first workshop choice on Nature Writing was canceled when the teacher was stuck in traffic. So keeping with my “Medieval in P.A.” theme (see Being Medieval in P.A. About Write-O-Rama), I decided to try a literary workshop that hadn’t initially appealed.

Next up “Pare It Down” with Anne Leigh Parrish — a workshop on choosing strong words!

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