It’s late and I’ve got tons of writing to do tomorrow to catch up on the NaNoWriMo schedule, but I had to take the time to celebrate — 27,890 words! I’m well into Chapter 9 and I know I’ll make Chapter 10 tomorrow. That’s the big plot point 2 in standard genre fiction story arcs and I know what mine is.

A lot has been going on, not the least of which was a huge storm last Monday. I’d plan to spend last Monday catching up and getting ahead on the NaNoWriMo schedule, but a storm came through and knocked out the power on Monday morning. The power came back on at dawn and I’d gone out as soon as it got light enough to check on the our little PVC-pipe greenhouse and the storage tent. Everything was fine. But the sky was very eerie; dead calm with an ominous band to the north and west with patches of clearing in the south and east. The birds were silent and the extremely tall trees across the field were no longer waggling their tops let alone bending almost double. I came in, told my husband about everything surviving the storm but that if we were back in Texas or Michigan or Florida, I’d be grabbing cats and looking for shelter, and then I started breakfast. Not more than two minutes later, my husband is running in grabbing his shoes and saying that the storage tent had blown away.

It turns out he was looking outside his window at the clouds I’d mentioned when the storage tent — and keep in mind this is a tent large enough to house a full-size truck or power boat — shot 40 feet straight up and then blew towards the west over the tree tops and then started blowing end over end towards the north. It came down in a lane between two patches of trees with it’s legs in the air like a dead dog. It was far too heavy for us to lift and carry home, so we had to dismantle it where it lay and carry the pieces home and use the sliced and diced canopy and sides to cover the stuff from inside it to protect it all from the rain and wind that had started again. Meanwhile, the power went out again and stayed out for most of the day.

I’ll have photos up later this week. As best I can tell, we had some kind of inversion with a brief moment like the eye of a hurricane.

Well, I’m off to get some sleep and then back to work. I confess I’ll be very glad when I break 30,000 words. It seems a long time coming.

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