I literally spent all day (18 hours) yesterday working on client web development projects and got no NaNoWriMo done — although I did do some plotting in my head. Do not get me started on tech support. It would be nice if just once tech support would admit there’s a genuine problem.

I made the mistake of letting my main character (MC) finally go to bed and finally fall asleep and I’m having trouble waking her up. I may need to skep ahead to another scene. I really think she needs to meet some people. Or this could be the depressed scene, a funny depressed scene,

I’m having no problem writing the cat scenes. As I try writing this, I’m acting as referee for a pair on my bed. One is determined to retake the throne, so to speak, after the death of the psychotic Abyssinian rescue who lived in my room for 7 years and the other is a former feral foster feline (and try repeating that phrase 5 times fast) who wants to usurp the position.

Big Boy & Carpet/MomKatI should at this point mention Big Boy and Carpet (aka MomKat), the last of our feral colony rescues in need of a good home. To find out more about them, check out the write up at A Mingled Yarn. They really are charming, but now even Carpet is getting into skirmishes with our three rescue girls (the Power Puff Girls — yes, I have seen animé). Originally, we thought they would make good barn cats after surviving behind an holistic grocers for 3-4 years, but they’ve become so domesticated and are so grateful for an indoor life, we can’t bring ourselves to return them to the cold and lonely. But do drop me a line if you know of a potential permanent home (today is my day for alliteration).

Meanwhile, they are making guest appearances in my novel. Hmmm, that would be one way to wake my slumbering MC.

Oh, and I should mention my word count is over 11,000.

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